Academy Pictures
(Pictures by Elian Bachini)

le matériel de golf en vidéo
Violin with the Corean Maestro Sung Sic Yang
Rouvier.jpg (42058 octets)
Jacques Rouvier from Paris Conservatory
is teaching at the Academy for 15 years.
Lucas.jpg (5935 octets)
Vincent Lucas from Paris Conservatory.
Muller 2.jpg (4758 octets)
The cello at the Nice academy. 6 courses per week with different teachers. Here Maestro Muller with a student.
Fontanarosa.jpg (37636 octets)
Violin with Maestro Patrice Fontanarosa
Mauger 1.jpg (37228 octets)
Trombone with the soloist Jacques Mauger.
Beroff.jpg (5102 octets)
Michel Beroff conducting the piano lesson
Heisser.jpg (27871 octets)
Jean-François Heisser playing...the piano
Aguerra.jpg (47442 octets)
Chamber Music too : with Maestro Aguerra from the "Quatuor Ysaye"

More pictures

Nubar 1.jpg (52505 octets)
Lorraine Nubar from the Julliard School.