Music student and music professional questionnaire
Please answer the following survey.

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1/ Without restricting your choice, give :
- the name
- the professional category (international soloist, teacher, personality in musical circles, other)
- and in the case of teachers, indicate the place of teaching,
of a maximum of 5 people whom you would like to attend the class or with whom you would like to study pieces from the classical or modern repertory.  
Important: do not hesitate to choose your favourite international soloists or teachers at the best schools.




if avalaible

Person 1
Person 2
Person 3
Person 4
Person 5

2/ Tick off the criterion/criteria that guided your choice of these people.


Person 1

Person 2

Person 3

Person 4

Person 5

Reputation of the soloist

Performance of an interpretation
Reputation of the teacher
Quality of his/her teaching
Reputation of the teaching centre
Previous participation in a class given by this person

3/ Do you feel that musical training in a multimedia form (videos, audio recordings, other digital contents) incorporating Master Classes, exercises and various interactive aids presented by the people selected above could provide an interesting complement to your artistic training ?

               Yes             Quite likely                 Not very likely         Not at all     

4 / Within the framework of this complementary training, would you be able to follow one hour of teaching and work every day ? 

Yes No

5 /Independently of the cost, do you think that classes on a daily basis would be suitable for this kind of teaching ?

Yes No

6 / If not, what would be the ideal schedule for this kind of teaching ?

- 1 class every 2 days

- 3 classes spread over a week

- 10 classes spread over a month 

- 20 classes spread over a term

- Other, indicate :

7 / What is your mother tongue ?

8/ Tick off the language(s) in which you would be capable of following a Master Class ?

English French Italian German Spanish ?

9/ How much do you spend annually for your principal training at a music school of conservatory ?


10/ How much do you spend annually on private lessons ?


11/ How much do you spend annually for occasional training, such as a Master Class, academy, ou other ?


12/ How many summer academies in Nice have you attended ?